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About "Introducing The Eight Drivers Of Company Value"

This is a complimentary video series for business owners who want to discover how to increase the value of their company, make it more enjoyable to run, and be less dependent on them personally.

You'll learn about the eight attributes — some of which may surprise you — that drive the value of your company and get ideas on how to dramatically increase the value of your business (regardless of your business's size, age or industry, and whether you want to sell it or not!).

After registering, I will email you 8 bonus gifts on how to build a more valuable company, including "9 Subscription Models Any Company Can Use", "15 steps to improve your cashflow" and "8 ways to re-invent your business in a crisis".

Introducing The Eight Drivers Of Company Value

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The most obvious driver of a company's value is it's financial performance. But there's one simple change you can make to how you do things that will make your business more valuable and more attractive to prospective purchasers. 

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LOGGED IN USERS ONLY 2 Growth Potential

Acquirers aren't paying for what you've done. They're paying for what could be. Discover why here, and how to improve your score in this area. 

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LOGGED IN USERS ONLY 3 Switzerland Structure

Discover why you should run your business like Switzerland, and how that makes it less risky for you, and why a prospective acquirer will find it more attractive

Video lesson

LOGGED IN USERS ONLY 4 Valuation See-Saw

Why a buyer writes two cheques for your business, and how to increase the value of your cheque.

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Recurring revenue makes your business easier to manage, and more predictable. Discover the 7 levels of recurring revenue, and how to climb the ladder.

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LOGGED IN USERS ONLY 6 Monopoly Control

Discover what monopoly control is, why it's so important in generating higher margins, and how to assess your business's monopoly control position.

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LOGGED IN USERS ONLY 7 Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an obvious value driver. Learn why it's important, and discover a measure that allows you to benchmark your performance.

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This is the biggest destroyer of value in your business. Learn why, and how to change your approach to lighten your workload.

About the Teacher

Richard McMullan

Richard is an experienced Managing Director, Non-Executive Director and Strategy Consultant.

He's an expert in helping leaders scale their business and, as a Certified Value Builder, uses a systematic approach to measure and improve the value of businesses.Since 2015 Richard has helped 60+ business leaders deliver rapid and profitable growth. He’s a skilled facilitator and mentor who helps owners set their businesses up to thrive without them, enabling them to regain control of their life and build a significantly more valuable business.He’s also walked in your shoes. In 2001 he grew a manufacturer/retailer from £1m to £15m sales within five years. And he knows the challenges of leading during a crisis, having to restructure the business after a 35% sales drop in 2009 during the global recession. The restructurIing and repositioning enabled the business to grow to £20m in sales and employ nearly 300 people by 2014.

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