How to choose a business coach

There are so many coaches, gurus, experts and advisors out there, that choosing the right on can be a tricky affair.

The wrong advisor can do serious damage to your business. Never mind the money you'll waste and the time you'll never get back.

However, the right advisor, at the right time, will provide a fabulous return on your investment by accelerating your business growth and your personal development.

It's not a decision that should be left to chance or gut feel. This free 16 page guide walks you through a proven process for choosing an advisor (which may not be a business coach) and ensures they're able to help you deliver the outcomes you want.

Download your free copy now to discover:

  • The five types of advisors, and the pros and cons of each
  • The key factors to consider when evaluating business advisors
  • The best practice process to following for choosing a coach
  • The questions you should ask your prospective coach
  • The research you should do to confirm your choice
  • The final 'true' test to apply before appointing a coach
  • A bonus tracker system for comparing prospective coaches