Do you want to be famous or rich? 

Discover 9 ways Value Builders prioritise wealth over recognition

Building a successful business can be a path to both fame and fortune, but more often, one comes at the expense of the other.

There is a small but growing cohort of business owners who have become fantastically rich through building a small business in relative anonymity. Along the way, they have prioritised wealth creation instead of falling into the trap of striving to be popular among their employees, customers and industry peers.

You may not know their names, but you can certainly learn from their wealth-building decisions in this eBook – written by John Warrillow, the bestselling author of Built to Sell, The Automatic Customer and The Art of Selling Your Business. 

So, which side are you on?  Famous Or Rich?

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  • The surprisingly simple strategy behind one founder’s $87 million exit
  • The strategic move that took one company from being worth three times EBITDA to more than 13 times in just two years
  • The 10/40 rule and how it can jack up your take from the sale of your business
  • When cross-selling your existing customers is a mistake
  • Why you should love recurring revenue, and how it drives faster growth
  • How one founder received an acquisition offer of $35 million just two years after starting his company
  • Why timing the sale of your business may be a fool’s errand
  • Three simple ways one founder hung on to almost all of his equity leading up to a $165 million exit