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Nine reasons why your business must be sellable

Grab a pen, paper, and a seat because we're about to dive into a topic that should cause you to rethink your entire business outlook.

You've worked tirelessly to build your business, but what if I told you that if you couldn't sell it easily today, you're sitting on a ticking time bomb?

Maybe grab a coffee too whilst you ponder, because we're about to explore the reality of what you’re facing if you’ve not been building your business to sell...

The Sudden Curveball

Imagine waking up tomorrow with an unexpected offer on the table. Your business, which you thought was your ticket to retirement or your family's future, suddenly has potential buyers knocking on the door.

But here's the catch: if your business isn't built to be easily sellable, you're stuck in a bind.

You're either left scrambling to make it attractive to buyers, or worse, you're forced into a deal that doesn't do justice to the sweat and tears you've invested.

The Value Conundrum

Your business is like your baby, but let's face it – buyers aren't swayed by your emotional attachment. If you can't demonstrate the value of your business beyond sentimental reasons, you're in trouble.

A business that's not easily sellable lacks the documentation, processes, and systems that give buyers confidence in their investment. Guess what?

A business without value is a business without buyers.

The One-Man Show

You're the heart and soul of your business, the glue that holds everything together. Sounds great, until you realise your business can't function without you.

If you're not building a team that can run the show in your absence, you're risking a disaster. Buyers aren't interested in businesses that crumble when the owner steps away. It's time to nurture your team and create a business that can thrive without you at the helm 24/7.

The "What's Next?" Dilemma

We've all heard of the midlife crisis – that moment when you being to wonder, "What's next?"

Well, the same applies to your business. If you haven't made it easily sellable, you're left pondering your next move with uncertainty.

A sellable business allows you to transition smoothly into retirement, a new venture, or whatever comes next, without feeling like you're navigating a maze blindfolded.

The Competitor Surge

Oh, those competitors you've been keeping an eye on? They're not sitting still. While you're struggling to make your business sellable overnight, they're capitalising on the fact that they've been building theirs with a future sale in mind. They're outmanoeuvring you, snatching up customers, and leaving you in their dust. If you're not prepared, your competitors might just swoop in and take the lead.

The Risky Roller Coaster

A business that's not sellable is a business that's not resilient. You're at the mercy of market shifts, economic downturns, and unforeseen crises. The result? A heart-pounding roller coaster ride where success and failure become interchangeable.

Building a sellable business means you're creating a safety net, a business that can weather storms and stand strong through uncertainty.

The Employee Exodus

If your business isn't sellable, it's not just you who's in trouble. Your team is on shaky ground too. Employees want stability, growth opportunities, and a future they can count on. A sellable business is built to last. Without that comfort they might start eyeing the exit, leaving you with a revolving door of talent and a business that's constantly playing catch-up.

The Missed Opportunities

You know those golden opportunities that could propel your business to the next level?

Well, without a sellable business, you might just wave them goodbye.

Partnerships, collaborations, and funders – they're all looking for businesses with a strong foundation, good growth potential and low risk. If your business isn't sellable, it’s not investable, and those opportunities could slip through your fingers.

The Overwhelming "If Only"

Fast forward a few years. You're looking back, wondering what could have been. "If only I had thought about making my business sellable," you muse.

Regret is a heavy burden to carry and realising that a little foresight could have saved you from the challenges you're now facing is a tough pill to swallow.

Right, enough of the doom and gloom

There's a silver lining here.

You have the power to change the trajectory of your business.

Start today. Document your processes, strengthen your team, and create a plan for growth that's not dependent on you being in the driver's seat. It's time to future-proof your business, to make it a valuable, sellable asset that can weather any storm.

So, my fellow entrepreneur, as unsettling as it might be to consider this stuff, it’s a necessary reality check.

Your business is your legacy, your lifeline, and your future. Don't let it become a ticking time bomb.

Act now to begin shaping a future that's not just secure but thriving.

If you want my help doing that, message me, and we’ll chat.


Selling your business

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