April 16


Why uncertainty is damaging your health

Are you being woken by the 4am duvet demons? 

Or do you feel like dear old Gromit here? Spending every minute focusing on what's in front of you right now? And worried that if you stop your business will fail ?

Maybe it's not that severe, maybe you're just not getting the length and quality of sleep you need each night so you can be at your best each day?

Whatever the cause, poor sleep and sleep deprivation is damaging for every part of your life. Good sleep is THE foundation for everything you do!

Watch the 10 minute video below to find out how break the vicious cycle that causes poor quality, broken sleep and avoid the damaging health effects of sleep deprivation.

Don't be like Gromit. Take time out to plan what you need to do and take back control

In it, I explain

  • The damage to your health and well-being caused by sleep deprivation
  • Why it all starts with uncertainy
  • And the health-damaging and re-inforcing cycle of sleep deprivation that causes
  • The 8 steps you can take to break the vicious cycle

Seven of them are easy to do by yourself.  The eighth? Not so much.

You're better to get help with that.  And, strangely enough, I can help you!  Drop me an email for a chat: richard@aurelius-advisory.com




Health and well-being

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