February 19


5 steps to better delegation

We can all get hung up on whether or not to delegate something.  This simple 5 step process helps you decide what to delegate and how to delegate.

Some of the reasons I hear from leaders are:

  • It's quicker to do it myself.
  • I don't want to have to do it again if the other person does a bad job
  • I'm worried about what happens if it goes wrong
  • I'll do a better job .
  • They don't know what they're doing and I don't have the time to train them

Yes, right now, at this moment in time, many of those reasons are probably correct. Especially if you've never delegated to the person before.

But what happens if you delegate it, and it goes well?

Imagine that?

How much time will you save? How much easier will life be?

How much will the other person grow in their role? What other things might they be able to take on?

Without delegating some of your work, you will never be able to focus fully on the highest value add work that only can you can do. The stuff that really makes a difference to the numbers and business growth and successs.

For one set of business owners, the simple act of starting to delegate simple administration tasks became the foundations for doubling turnover and quintupling profits within 2 years (and we're talking £4m+ profits, not a few quid).

Whatever's holding you back, following this simple 5 step process will help you get over the block, and know you’ve made a good delegation decision.

5 Step Process for Delegation


Become a better leader

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