Strategic Advisor & Decision Making Coach

Unsure of the best way forward?

You know you need to take action, but you don't want to make the wrong choice. 

Especially when it has long-term consequences for you and the business. 

Sometimes you get too close to the issue, and can't see the wood from the trees.  What you need is someone independent and impartial to help you stand back and look at the problem with fresh eyes. Which is what I specialise in. This isn't coaching, nor is it consultancy.  It's about working through my incisive decision-making framework together to find the right answer. 

We'll start by making sure you're answering the right question, we'll break the problem into it's component parts, make sure we've identified all the options, and then fully evaluate each option against ten impact areas. At the end of the process, you'll be clear on what you need to do, and be able to act with confidence.  

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What my clients say...

You can work with Richard and take the things he tells you and run with them the very next day - which is what I did

I had agreed a deal to buy the shares of my business partner but in the time taken to agree the details, several major issues in the business presented themselves and I was unsure of the best way forward for the company and for myself. It was affecting the business on a long-term basis - how could I fully commit to something in my mind that I wasn't sure I'd be a part of? This was obviously cascading down through the company and was creating - even subconsciously - an uncertain environment.

I didn't have any concerns in bringing Richard in

In fact it was quite the opposite. He was recommended to me by someone who I'd trust with my life and I was excited to have the opinions and guidance of an expert who wasn't connected to me or my business. 

I thought I'd get 100% honest feedback from him - he has no skin in the game here - and that's exactly what I got. It's what I need. A kick up the arse, if you will. A clarity of thought that was missing before. That's the main thing. Also - information on what you can and can't do.

Richard is clearly an expert in business, but he's also switched on at a human level

He knows the boundaries of the law but also understands that sometimes, people are people. I'd say that Richard brought a straight-talking and methodical approach to the problem. This is pretty unique for me - in the past, I've listened to talks or podcasts and a lot of the business advice is bollocks to be honest. Airy fairy nonsense about thoughts and feelings and no actual detail or pragmatism.

That's what I got from Richard - a nod to thoughts and feelings but guidance based more on the reality of business than what colour you are on a personality test or what your most listened to artist on Spotify says about you as a leader. It's David Bowie, by the way.

I liked his approach a lot

It was clear, concise and easy for someone with my limited ability to understand. It was like what football was once upon a time. Sure - you have tactics, but your objective is to win and the manager told you how to achieve that without filling your head full of nonsense about a midfield pivot or an inverted wingback. - it was well thought out and considered and very memorable.

I also enjoy his style. He's clearly very good at what he does and very knowledgeable but talks on layman's terms and is human in his approach, not a robot like a lot of people.

He's also very likeable and enjoyable to be around. A different view in how to approach hiring new staff. A different approach in how to motivate and manage a team. A better way to evaluate my own worth, or sometimes lack thereof, in my own organisation. Some of the ideas he presented were not his own, but he told me that - he didn't try to take credit for it. It was open, honest and refreshing.

Would I recommend Richard?

100% yes. Why? Because you'll get to the root of the problem in a way that's probing without being intrusive. It's like keyhole surgery - it's precise, it's accurate, it fixes the problem but won't leave you flat on your back for a week after it.

You can work with Richard and take the things he tells you and run with them the very next day - which is what I did.

Also, if you've been struggling with a business issue for a long period of time, then talking to him even on the phone will help to bring some clarity of thought. You can't put a price on that.

JOHN MEGAUGHIN // Manaing Director & Owner

I've worked with Richard for almost two years and find the process highly valuable

Covid 19 really impacted mid-March as clients began to feel direct impact to their business. Uncertainty crept in, defensive positions were taken, budgets frozen and projects were paused meaning our programme of work and revenue forecast was significantly impacted.

We’ve had to review every area of our business from new opportunities, projects in flight, team planning and client engagement and support. Our main priorities were to gain complete clarity on financial impact and forecast, securing our business and ensuring we would be in the strongest possible position coming out of the crisis.

Working with Richard is highly valuable

Whilst keeping a tight eye on cash I never considered stopping working with Richard. Sharing a fully transparent analysis of the situation and opening myself up to a rigorous challenge can be difficult, but I’ve worked with Richard for almost 2 years and find the process highly valuable.

I have a fantastic senior team who have been outstanding but as the MD, it's often difficult to get a critical analysis of the strategic plan at a macro level, rather than a specific department or functional area. Working with Richard ensures I’m taking the right steps and not missing an opportunity. I also knew Richard had very relevant experience from previous crashes in 08 and 01 which he could quickly bring to bear. It’s akin to having an NED or board to consult – but in a rapid and cost effective way.

The process really helps my confidence

To execute on agreed plans to secure our businesses future, to drive forward on the opportunities that arise in this awful situation and to create value and growth for our clients, their customers and our own team – even now.

I’ve also benefited from years of insight across a number of sectors and tools to apply those within my business. Whether they be finance and accounting tools or concepts, client engagement strategies or just solid advice on how to step through challenging situations whilst retaining a strategic focus.

Would I recommend Richard?


If an MD / CEO doesn’t have access to a trusted, experienced, professional business leader who is accountable and committed to positive outcomes for them, their business and their team, I think they owe it to themselves to invest in one. We all know we should surround ourselves with the best and most experienced people possible but very often we only think that about our direct reports.

I'd urge others to put support, challenge, and accountability in place for themselves. Richard’s excellently placed and committed to deliver that as a high-value add service.

STEVEN CASSIN // Managing Director & Owner