How to grow a business
you can happily own forever,
but easily sell tomorrow

If you’re thinking of selling your business for a large pot of gold and financial Shangri-La, then gird your loins, because I'm about to share something that's going to hurt like a boot to your proverbial … 

Between 70% and 80% of businesses never get to market because there’s nothing of value to sell.

Of those that get listed for sale, only 20% sell.

Even worse, the vast majority of sellers are deeply disappointed with their exit. Nearly 95% don't get the money they want, and 75% bitterly regret selling their business a year later.

In other words, a mere 3 in 1,000 owners enjoy a happy and lucrative exit.

Which means 99.7% of owners are deeply disappointed. 

Take a moment, and imagine just how that feels...

Can you imagine their simmering frustration? All those years wasted, the sweat, the sacrifices and sleepless nights all for nothing.

Can you feel it? That sinking feeling, like a lead weight in your stomach, especially if you've already painted a future awash in financial success and personal triumph.

If you want to avoid that deep disappointment and have a happy and lucrative exit, you must build a business you can happily own forever, but easily sell tomorrow.

In the last 7 years, I’ve helped more than 120 clients do exactly that.

Some have sold for life-changing amounts. Some have kept their businesses and added new ones to their portfolio. Some have simply created the space to enjoy life more.

All have significantly increased their company’s value.

One client exited after three years for a double-digit multiple plus a substantial share in the acquirer. Another client saw their company’s value grow from £5m to £44m inside three years (it’s now worth over £100m). Another has seen a 10-fold value increase in the last seven years. 

Those who've chosen not to sell are now leading businesses they can happily own forever, safe in the knowledge it can thrive without them or be sold at their command should a Dreaded D (divorce, disease, disability, or death) strike them or a member of their family. 

If you're ready to join them...

There are two ways to get my help...

Building for the future?

The Elite 0.3% Programme is for owners who want to grow a valuable and long-lasting business, create true wealth for themselves and their families, and take back control of their lives (and have fun doing it).

Want to exit soon?

The "No Regrets" Business Exit Blueprint is for owners who want a happy, lucrative and no-regrets exit within the next three years.