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The Aurelius Business Valuation Deep Dive

Your Value Builder Score will be in your inbox in the next few minutes. It will tell you exactly how you're performing on each of the key value drivers and benchmark you against your industry's performance. Over the next few days, you'll also receive a host of free goodies to help you improve your score (remember to add to your whitelist to make sure you receive them).

However, if you want to know what you're business is worth today and what it could be worth, then your next step is to join me for a Valuation Deep Dive. 

The Deep Dive is a comprehensive and confidential assessment of your business's value today and the steps you can take to increase it's worth and attractiveness to potential acquirers.  I'll also help you intrepret you score on each of the eight key value drivers and we'll discuss quick wins for improving your score.

The Deep Dive costs £299+VAT, but is 100% risk-free. I'll refund your money (in full and no questions asked) if you tell me you didn't learn anything or didn't get ideas to improve the value of your business after our meeting and reviewing your report.  Or, if we start working together within a month of the Deep Dive, I'll discount your coaching program by £299. 

The Deep Dive Process

The Deep Dive is exactly what it sounds like. I get behind your scores, analyse why your business scored how it did, estimate your business's value today, share quick wins for improving your score on each driver, and show you how improving the different drivers impacts your valuation.  All so you know where to focus for the biggest increase in company value.

The Deep Dive is a three stage process:



We'll meet, via zoom, for 30 minutes.

I'll ask you a bunch of questions about your business and your ambitions. 

We'll cross-check your questionnaire answers, and confirm your adjusted EBITDA for valuation purposes.  

This ensures your final score and valuation are a true reflection of your business today and allows me to create scenarios to reflect your ambitions.



Next is a 45 minute zoom meeting.

I'll talk you through your individual scores, and discuss ideas for improving them.

We'll then look at your estimated value, and analyse which drivers have the greatest impact on your company's future valuation.

This identifies the potential gains from improving your value builder score.



Finally, I'll send your Value Builder Report within two working days. 

This is a thirty page report with a detailed breakdown of the scores, and additional improvement ideas.

It also includes your estimate of value and further improvement ideas.  

I'll also include your scenario analysis so you know which areas to focus on for the greatest gain in company value 

What you get

The scenario analyses shows how improving your scores will increase your future valuation, giving you a target to aim for.

There's much more to growing your company's value than simply increasing sales or profits.  

This short video explains the concept and gives an idea of what you can expect from the Deep Dive.

The Value Builder Score Report is a 30 page detailed analysis of how your business is performing on the 8 Value Drivers. 

It includes an estimate of your company's value and gives suggestions for improving your scores and increasing your valuation.

How does The Valuation Deep Dive help?

Get an estimate of what your business is worth today

Most people with financial assets check their value regularly. They want to know how they're doing and if they're getting the returns they expect. 

Your business is, most likely, your biggest financial asset, yet few owners know and track its value. Getting your score now will tell you how much your biggest asset is worth, so you can decide if you want to sell now or work on increasing it's value for a future exit. 

Benchmark where you are today versus your competitors

The Value Builder Score gives you a comprehensive assessment of how an acquirer views your business. You'll get a snapshot (a bit like your balance sheet) of how your business compares to others in your sector.

You'll understand how you're performing on each of the 8 drivers of company value, and be able to focus on those areas which will make the company less reliant on you, less stressful to run, and more profitable.

Discover what your business could be worth

You may have a target valuation for your business. An amount you want to get for your business that gives you financial freedom, and protects you and your family's long term future.

The Value Builder Score and Scenario Analysis will show you what you need to do to achieve that target valuation. So you can start focusing today on the most important factors to deliver your target number, and get there much more quickly than you might otherwise.

Determine if you're stuck in the Owner's Trap

You most likely started your business to have more control over what you earn, where you work, and when you work. However, that freedom can be elusive, and you can get caught in the Owner's Trap, when you feel like everyone and everything relies on you.

Your Value Builder Score will highlight the impact that's having on your business's value, and will identify which areas you should focus on to break free and creating independence and more time for yourself. 

Discover your hidden treasures  

Getting your Value Builder Score will help identify untapped assets within your business that are extremely valuable to a prospective acquirer.

Once uncovered, you can develop these assets to increase your profits, cashflow and exit value. 

Identify your silent killers

Taking your blood pressure is one of the first things most doctors do before treating you for just about anything. It’s a reliable indicator of silent killers from heart disease to poor circulation.

Likewise, your Value Builder Score gives you an early warning of your silent killers, so you can take action to to remove the factors dragging down the value of your business. 

Understand how attractive your business is to a buyer

We're naturally biased when it comes to our business. It's our baby after all. But that can lead to over-optimistic projections and blind-spots about future challenges, giving us an unrealistic estimate of value.

Getting your Value Builder Score report gives you an unbiased, independent view of how a buyer will perceive your business. So you know what needs to be done to make it more attractive.

Take focused action

For most of us, our business is our biggest investment, and accounts for a significant percentage of our personal net worth.  

Getting your Value Builder Score will show you where you need to focus so you can protect your investment and increase it's value.

Book your Valuation Deep Dive Now

The Deep Dive is the first step in building a more valuable and sellable company that is not reliant on you.  It costs £299+VAT. 

If you start one of my coaching programs within 1 month of completing the Deep Dive, you'll receive a £299 discount for the program.

"Don't Waste Your Life Guarantee"

The Deep Dive comes with my "Don't Waste Your Life Guarantee". I hate signing up for meetings like this only to get a valueless sales spiel. So, if you don't learn anything and don't have ideas on how to improve the value of your business after our meeting and reviewing your report, then I'll refund your £299. In Full. No. Questions. Asked.

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What my clients say...

Working with Richard has genuinely been one of the best things we’ve ever done – it has had an amazing impact on our focus and performance

I had been struggling for a while to translate my vision for the business into reality; to get everyday life in the business connected to delivery of our mission, vision and values. I knew where I wanted to go, but just wasn’t getting the traction I wanted. The business felt stuck and I was very frustrated that I couldn’t get things moving as well as I wanted.

Richard was recommended to me ...

by another business owner, whom he'd already helped overcome similar problems in his business.

Richard took us back to first principles to re-affirm our mission, vision and values, and to get us clear on what we wanted to achieve, and our strategy for how we were going to deliver that.

Once we had that clarity, we worked with Richard to develop our plan to implement the strategy, and put in place a revised organisational structure, and a new performance management approach to ensure we delivered what we said we would.

We now have complete clarity

We now have complete clarity on what we want to achieve, and how we will deliver that. Our strategic intent is to keep ahead of the competition through product innovation, and we have a drumbeat in the business that keeps us focused on annual delivery of new market-leading products. All of which are delivering our vision of making a massive difference to the quality of life of children with special needs.

and have strengthened our top team

One outcome of the process has been that we have strengthened our top team to ensure we have the right people in place to deliver our strategy.

And the strategy implementation process we are following (and I recommend people don’t deviate from this) has had a significant improvement on how we function as a team. Our team communicates well, we solve issues together effectively and efficiently, and our performance is improving in all areas of the business.

Would I recommend Richard?

Richard is brilliant at helping people define and implement their strategy. If you want help in making your business vision a reality, take your business to the next level, or simply get ‘unstuck’, then I highly recommend you engage Richard to guide you through that journey.

Working with Richard to make these changes in our business has genuinely been one of the best things we’ve ever done – it has had an amazing impact on our focus and performance

JAMES LECKEY // Managing Director & Owner

Note: James sold his companies, Leckey Design & Firefly, for an undisclosed sum in August 2020.  The businesses were acquired by a strategic buyer, Sunrise Medical Group.

There’s now a marked difference on people’s focus on delivering, and the results...we’re getting better numbers too!

I had a fairly new management team, we were reasonably inexperienced in the roles, and not as productive as I wanted us to be.

The company had grown, but the management approach had stayed the same. We weren’t focused on where we were going, there was ambiguity over who was responsible for what and who was accountable. I roughly knew the direction but wanted us to have a definitive version. We also had some new senior recruits joining and I wanted to get them involved in setting the direction.

My big concern was about not everyone buying into what I wanted to do

I was concerned that I’d tried stuff before, and never made it really stick the way I wanted. So I needed to make sure that whatever I did, it wouldn’t fizzle out but would stick.

I also wanted someone who’d been in a similar position to me, who’d experienced a similar journey, and experienced what I wanted to do and had done it. Someone who’d a system for growing the business and had implemented it themselves.

Personality was also really important – I needed someone to click with, and who got me and what I was facing.

The work on attitudes and behaviours really helped

It’s so powerful for recurring, retaining and coaching people. And it’s given us a process and the confidence to deal with people whose behaviours aren’t what we wanted. We’re now able to deal with the people who deliver but don’t behave the way we expect and want for our company.

We’ve exited people because of this, and I realised that we had to do that if I wanted to build a great team and maintain morale. You have to remove the organisational terrorists who suck the happiness from people. You can’t be walking around on eggshells. It takes too much emotional energy.

Previously our meetings weren’t working

Probably the biggest benefit is the structured weekly meeting with the team. Previously, our meetings weren’t working, we’d no timelines, lots of talk, no action, people were frustrated, there were no guidelines.

Now everything is tied together, we know how this week leads to the quarterly promises, to the one-year milestone to the three-year ambition to the five-year courageous vision.

We’re getting better outcomes across the business

The quarterly promise setting process really gets us focused on where we are going. It also allows me to hear what the team think and get their buy-in, but I still influence the process and ultimately make the decision. It’s given me confidence in my decision making and to structure things. There’s much better clarity on responsibility and accountability.

There’s now a marked difference on people’s focus on delivering, and the results we’re getting. I still need to work on building individual accountability but I’m getting there.

We’re getting better numbers too – sales for the first nine months of this year are already ahead of last year’s total!

Would I recommend Richard?


I’ve a real passion for what I’ve been through and how it’s helped me. It’s a very powerful tool to run a business by. It’s working for me and the business.

Personally, you helped me understand what was needed and how to make the changes necessary in the business to get the growth we want. I know the whole team feel the same way, and everyone got lots from working with you.

COLM GRIMES // Managing Director 

Colm left CK International in 2020 to found his own business Rep-Tec. Rep-Tec provides innovative products for sustainable recycling, and has a very exciting future planned out. We continue to work together.

If you want to really create something, these conversations are essential

Before working with Richard we had no clear vision for the company. We'd been trading for 12 years and we had an idea of where we wanted to go but no clear vision and definitely no idea of how to get there.

Our main concern about bringing in external help was price and possibly a bit of embarrassment

We were running this business for 12 years and it is embarrassing to admit that we didn't really know what direction we were driving in. That was difficult. Consultancy fees are also often automatically labelled as waste before the consultant as ever done anything!

We got a lot of clarity ...

Over the course of a few sessions we defined the company vision, ten-year goal and the strategy for how we are going to get there. The key thing was that while we started with looking at the long-term vision for the company this was eventually broken right down to a 1 year and first quarter plan which brought the vision to life. Vital!

total honesty ...

At times there was way too much of it! It's tough to hear that your ideas are often not the best fit for the company, unlikely to pay dividends or just downright awful! On reflection though, it's much better to hear that at the planning stage than finding out multiple years and cash investment into a project.

and an impartial perspective

I think this is the key to creating a successful strategy: having someone independent of the business but with a good understanding and plenty of experience to offer an objective view on the strategy and even more importantly to force us to look at the strategy from different perspectives ourselves and really shake down major concerns.

Richard brought outside perspective but with excellent business knowledge, and experience of running companies big & small that is very applicable. And he gave us clarity over where a discussion should be going. This can be very difficult when trying to take a wide-angle lens and then dig down to the details of potential issues

Would I recommend Richard?


You get high quality questions that force more thoughtful analysis, ensuring that you start and finish with the goal in mind and brutal honesty when it can't be found within. You need to want to take your business somewhere special. If you want to tick along these conversations will be too tough.

If you want to really create something, these conversations are essential, and you’ll get the return on your investment.  Honesty is cheap in the long run; compliments can be expensive

PAUL VALLELY // Managing Director & Owner

Kukoon Rugs, Paul's company, continues to go from strength to strength, nearly tripling in size since we started working together, and with ambitious future plans. I continue to advise Paul in an ad-hoc capacity.

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"Don't Waste Your Life Guarantee"

The Deep Dive comes with my "Don't Waste Your Life Guarantee". I hate signing up for meetings like this only to get a valueless sales spiel. So, if you don't learn anything and don't have ideas on how to improve the value of your business after our meeting and reviewing your report, then I'll refund your £299. In Full. No. Questions. Asked.

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