The doors to the
"No Regrets Exit" Blueprint 
are opening soon... and I'm looking for just FOUR more Business Owners to join me.


Imagine a small, focused mastermind with no more than eight business owners, all focused on having a happy, lucrative and no-regrets exit within the next three years, despite tight-fisted banks, rapacious acquirers or dire market conditions.


... you don't have to imagine it, because the doors to The Accelerated Exit Programme are opening soon.

Get pre-joining bonuses, updates on when we go live, and beat the queue (there are only 8 places and you'll get prioirity access 24 hours before enrollment officially opens)

Here's what you'll get in the Accelerated Exit Programme ...

  • ADD MILLIONS TO YOUR COMPANY'S VALUE: We know from analysing 80,000 companies the average company scores 58 out of 100 on the 8 drivers of company value get offers of c3.5 times their pre-tax profit. Companies scoring 90+ got offers of c7.1 times pre-tax profit. Double the amount! During the programme, you’ll discover how to leverage the same value drivers to add millions to your company’s value
  • BANISH YOUR SILENT KILLERS: Our proprietary, industry-unique value driver assessment will diagnose the silent killers damaging your company's short and long-term value so you can create a practical plan to banish them (forever)
  • EASY SCALING: You’ll discover how to streamline and simplify your business offering to deliver profitable growth while minimising your company’s dependence on you
  • GROWTH POTENTIAL: You’ll identify the combination of customers and products and services that will maximise your profitable growth rate with the least risk possible and increase your market value
  • MONOPOLY CONTROL: You’ll uncover the secret to becoming a category of one, so you can charge premium prices, attract a better class of customer reliably and predictably, and build a deep, wide, defendable competitive moat (Warren Buffet's most important investment criteria)
  • AUTOMATIC CUSTOMERS: Discover how to reduce your sales cost, smooth out demand so you can operate more efficiently and predictably increase your sales, profitability, and cash flow
  • HUB & SPOKE: Discover the perils of being a Hub & Spoke manager and learn how to minimise your business’s reliance on your everyday involvement, so you can invest more time and energy on activities that fully leverage your unique skillset and positively impact value
  • SWITZERLAND STRUCTURE: Uncover the three company “death-threats” you need to mitigate to protect your company's independence, increase it's value and improve its sellability (and let you sleep easily at night)
  • TIP THE VALUE SEE-SAW: Discover how to eliminate stressful periods of low cashflow, get paid early, reduce your funding costs, and increase free cashflow to support growth and investment (and take more money off the table)
  • GET BUYERS CHASING YOU: Which would you rather do: Run around with "For Sale" signs hoping someone will take you up on it? Or have a cash buyer approach you? The latter, obviously. We'll show you how to get quality buyers chasing you, so you're able to negotiate a better deal when the time comes
  • AVOID AN EARNOUT: An earn-out is perhaps the most insidious approach buyers use to reduce the price they pay for companies (and keep you working for years after you sell).  I'll reveal how to avoid an earnout so you get all your money on completion day
  • SECURE YOUR BIGGEST ASSET: Have you calculated how much of your net worth is tied up in your business? Unless you bought or inherited it, it was likely worthless when you started. Now it’s probably your biggest asset and losing it could destroy your retirement plans. I'll show you how to de-risk your business and protect it's value
  • VALUE BUILDING PLAN: you'll finish the programme with a clear plan for getting a stronger, highly resilient, more profitable, faster growing business that can operate (mostly) with you, which you can own forever or sell on demand
  • INDUSTRY LEADING GUARANTEE: The only bootcamp I'm aware offering your full investment back plus a free pizza if you don't get the results I promise

"Working with Richard has genuinely been one of the best things we’ve ever done – it's had an amazing impact on our focus and performance"

JAMES LECKEY //  Owner & Managing Director

This is for you, if you ...

... are determiend to maximise the value and sellability of your business so you can have a happy and lucrative exit withing the next three years... despite tight-fisted banks, rapacious acquirers or dire market conditions.

To be considered a suitable candidate for the programme, you must be:

  • Moral and ethical
  • The MD / CEO of your own business
  • Driven,  dedicated, and determined 
  • Curios, open minded, and mentorable
  • Willing to do the work (c2 hours per week for 10 weeks)
  • Able to keep secrets and protect confidentiality (super important)

It's not for wannabes, dabblers, tyre-kickers, ask-holes, or also-rans. And it is most definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme.  But if you follow my advice and act on what you discover, you will get wealthy.

Here's how it works...

The programme is designed and delivered by Richard McMullan, Founder of Aurelius Advisory, and creator of the "Value Acceleration Flywheel" - a unique, proprietary system for massively increasing the value of any company.

In week one, you'll work with Richard 1-2-1 to review what your business is worth now, analyse how your business performs against the 8 drivers of company value, review your 30-page value driver report, and assess your personal Freedom Point.  

In weeks two to eight, you’ll discover the secrets of each of the 8 value drivers and we’ll discuss their implications for your business in Mastermind Sessions led by Richard. Each week will include:

  1. Tutorials on how each driver affects company value
  2. Tutorials on how to analyse your business and identify opportunities
  3. Frequently asked questions and mistakes to avoid
  4. Interactive tools to create improvement action plans for each driver
  5. Case studies and guides for extra insights and examples

In week 10, you'll work 1-2-1 with Richard to analyse the impact of the value drivers on your company's future market value, prioritise the best ways to increase value and develop your Accelerated Eexit action plan. 

The program also includes twelve months unlimited access to the:

  • Value Builder System tutorials
  • Value Builder System interactive tools
  • Customer and employee engagement survey tools
  • Value Builder Score assessments
  • Valuation scenario planning tool
  • PREScore tool
  • Freedom Point calculator

"You can work with Richard and take the things he tells you and run with them the very next day - which is what I did."

JOHN MEGAUGHIN  //  Owner & Managing Director

Your Investment

Be under no illusion, this is a signficant investment of time and money. But the programme comes with Richard's personal, cast-iron, money-back plus free pizza guarantee (see below for details).

The Bootcamp includes:

  • Unlimited value driver assessments, a thirty-page value driver insights report, and a benchmarked estimate of business value (worth £450)
  • A 1-2-1 value and sellability review (worth £800)
  • Eight weeks of Mastermind Sessions diving into the individual Value Drivers (worth £4,000)
  • A 1-2-1 to estimate your company's future value using our scenario planning tool and to develop your value accleration strategy and action plan and (worth £1,250)
  • Your personal readiness to exit analysis and 1-2-1 review (worth £375)
  • One year’s access to the Value Builder Learning System, including all Tutorials, Customer Surveys, Employee Surveys, Videos, Interactive Tools and Action Tracker (worth £1,200)

The total cost of the programme is £5,000 + VAT - a 38% saving of £3,075 versus the individual elements - and it comes with ...

Richard's personal, cast-iron, money-back PLUS free pizza guarantee…

If you do the work, attend and contribute to all the sessions, and I (Richard) can’t help you identify how to get at least a two hundred times return on your investment in the programme, then I’ll give you a full and courteous refund of your money.

AND… I'll buy you a pizza and get it delivered to your door from your favourite local pizzeria, my way of cheering you up and apologising for having wasted your time.

There's no risk ... you'll walk away knowing how to increase the value of your business by AT LEAST one million pounds or you'll walk away with your money and a free pizza.

Can’t say fairer than that, can I?

“No Richard, you can’t say fairer than that” is the only sane answer to that question.

Well ... what are you waiting for?

Get pre-joining bonuses, updates on when we go live, and beat the queue (there are only 8 places and you'll get prioirity access 24 hours before enrollment officially opens)

"If you want to really create something special, these conversations are essential, and you’ll get the return on your investment."

PAUL VALLELY //  Owner & Managing Director

PS: Frankly, most people don't have what it takes to build a strong, resilient, valuable business. 

They say they want to nail their shit and claim they'll do "anything" to get it nailed …

… right up until they have to do it.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.


...if you want to build a business you could happily own forever or sell tomorrow for an eye-wateringly large amount allowing you to do whatever you want, whenever you want, for the rest of your life, now's the time to act ...