The Elite 0.3% Programme

For ambitious owners who want to grow a valuable and long-lasting business, create true wealth for themselves and their families, and take back control of their lives
(and have fun doing it).

How is this different from everything else I’ve seen?

I’m sure you can tell me how much money you have in your business bank account. You can probably tell me what your profits were last month.

If you’re really switched on, you can tell me how much free cashflow you generated last month, and where it came from.

But, if you’re like most owners, I bet you can’t confidently answer the three most important questions:

  1. “What’s your business worth today?”
  2. “Could you sell it tomorrow if you had to?”
  3. “If you did, would you get enough from the sale to live the lifestyle you want?”

The answers to those three questions tell you if you’ve built something valuable and long-lasting, something that will create generational wealth for your family and give you control, freedom and choice in your life.

The answers determine if all the sacrifices you’ve made for your business are truly worth it because you’ve created real value in your business.

Real value only happens when you have a business you can happily own forever, but easily sell tomorrow for enough money to do whatever you want, whenever you want. 

And that’s what my Elite 0.3% Programme delivers. 

What’s in it for you?

We both know the challenges of building a business - the long days, stress, and relentless nature of it all. Those sleepless nights, staring at the ceiling, with the latest in a long line of worries running riot in your mind…. "How will I cover this month's payroll?" "Should I invest in that new equipment?" "How am I going to deal with that brilliant employee jerk who’s hacking everyone else off?" "Is it wise to hire someone with a higher salary than myself?"

The Elite 0.3% Programme starts by helping you manage and eliminate (forever) those business-related frustrations. It will show you how to:

  • Effortlessly drive profitable growth and have it happen predictably and reliably like clockwork with clients who love what you do, pay premium prices and refer others
  • Build a leadership team that handles the details comfortably and implements your strategy and vision to take your business to the next level
  • Hard-bake accountability into your business so things get done, when you want them done, and in the way you expect them to be done
  • Generate robust free-cashflow that's predictable, growing and practically risk-free

Once you’ve embedded the Value Acceleration Flywheel (my unique, proprietary methodology) in your business, you’ll have:

  • More freedom and less stress. You won't be bogged down in day-to-day details, giving you time to focus on growing your company’s value and enjoying life outside work
  • Real wealth. Your business will be a valuable, resilient, fast-growing, low-risk entity that can (mostly) function without you
  • A highly sellable asset. Strategic buyers will seek out your business with unsolicited offers. And you can choose to sell immediately if you get an outlandish offer
  • Easy exit options. No need for tricky earnouts or painful warranties to seal the deal
  • Protection against life's uncertainties. Your business can thrive without you or be sold at your command, providing peace of mind in the face of life's challenges

How do you know this is real?

In the last 7 years, I’ve helped more than 120 owners grow businesses they can happily own forever but easily sell tomorrow.

Some have sold for life-changing amounts. Some have kept their businesses and added new ones to their portfolio. Some have simply created the space to enjoy life more.

Regardless of whether they exited or not, all have seen significant increase in their company’s value.

One client saw their company’s value grow from c£5m to £44m inside three years (it’s now worth over £100m).  Another has seen a 10-fold value increase in the last seven years. One client exited after three years for a double-digit profit multiple plus a substantial share in the acquirer.

Take Lecky Design, a global leader in postural support aids. In 2016, I helped James set the stage for his lucrative exit in August 2020. Here’s what he said...

"If you want help in making your business vision a reality and taking your business to the next level, then I highly recommend you engage Richard to guide you through the journey.

Working with Richard to make these changes in our business has been one of the best things we’ve ever done. It has had an amazing impact on our focus and performance."

James Leckey, Founder , Leckey Design

Like my clients, you might be aiming for that pot of gold too, dreaming of beaches and yachts, and financial Shangri-La, but I’ve bad news for you …

Roughly 70 to 80% of businesses never get to market because there’s nothing to sell.

Of those that do get listed for sale, only 20% sell.

Even worse, the vast majority of those who manage to sell suffer crushing disappointment. Nearly 95% are unhappy with their net proceeds, and 75% regret selling their business a year later.

In other words, 0.3% of owners enjoy a happy and lucrative exit (the "Elite 0.3%").

Or put another way, 997 out of every 1,000 owners fail to get a happy or lucrative exit from their business.

Here’s why…

Your business won’t sell easily for the amount you need

Most owners naturally focus on sales growth, product quality, customer satisfaction, on cost reduction, and keeping things running smoothly.

While these are crucial for a robust business, they don't necessarily lead to a sale-ready business that can fetch a life-changing sum.

The real issue is that most owners are unfamiliar with what truly adds value and marketability to a business.

They often believe that selling their business is like the Field of Dreams: "I've built it, they will come."

They assume a profitable business is sufficient. But loss-making businesses can sell for significant amounts, while highly profitable ones may struggle to attract buyers and, when they do, often sell for only one- or two-years' worth of profits.

It’s not your fault

Unless you've been involved in buying and selling businesses, it's challenging to understand what creates value and marketability.

So, who can you turn to for guidance?

Your typical business consultant focuses on issues like lead generation, sales strategies, business systemisation, financial management, leadership, and more. But they lack insights into long-term value creation and the saleability of your business. Their advice may only cover a fraction of what's required, and sometimes, it may even harm your business's value.

Business brokers and corporate finance advisors understand what makes a business valuable and sellable, but they can't guide you through the process since they've never done it themselves. Also, their primary focus is on selling your business for their profit, not on helping you increase its value.

Most accountants are not well-versed in what creates value or saleability, and even if they were, it’s unlikely they’ll encourage you to explore them because selling your business means losing a client (as few buyers retain the seller's accountants).

Serial acquirers and private equity firms prefer to keep this knowledge to themselves because they profit by buying companies at a low price, enhancing the value drivers, and then selling them at a higher price.

My approach is distinct—I get my kicks from helping you grow your business's value and setting it up for a straightforward sale when you're ready.

I'll equip you with the tools, skills, and knowledge to ensure you get your desired price whenever you choose to sell. Until that moment arrives, you'll have a business you can happily own forever.

Why should you trust me?

Well, I could share my CV but that would just be dull. So, let me try and break it down for you in a way that’s meaningful…

Back in the day, I was deep into the world of strategy consulting, and I got a real handle on things like figuring out what drives company value and making smart decisions to help them grow it. I even studied stuff like corporate finance, acquisition strategy and strategic decision making at Ashridge Management College.

During my strategy consulting days, amongst other things, I was advising big co’s like Orange on how to get a return on their £4bn investment in a 3G licence, helping Nescafe trim their product line and reposition their products to sell like, well, Starbucks coffee! And helping NatWest revive their banks in Germany and Greece and optimise their credit card pricing strategy.

During that time, I spent a couple of years as Head of Marketing & Strategy at NatWest's International Trade and Banking division, with turnover in the hundreds of millions of pounds. In just two years, we managed to crank up the profits from £124 million to £170 million, which added a sweet £440 million to the company's overall worth.

Then, in 2001, I took the reins as the Managing Director of a furniture company. During the early noughties we grew at a ridiculous 52% year on year, from £1.5m to £15m. Even after the 2008/09 financial crash hit us with a 33% sales decline, we managed to rebuild to £20 million by 2014. What's more, our employees were happier than a clam at high tide, with satisfaction levels through the roof.

As well as being down in the trenches, I’ve got the non-exec badges too. I've got a fancy distinction in Company Directorship, I'm a Chartered Director, and I used to be a Fellow of the Institute of Directors. I've even chaired three private companies, and I'm the Honorary Treasurer of Belfast Chamber of Trade – so I've got the helicopter view too.

Here's why you should care about all of this:

You might tell me that all sounds great but that your business and your sector is different. But let me tell you this, having worked in over 30 different industries with more than 120 owners, the principles of the Value Acceleration Flywheel work in every industry.

You've probably come across those textbook knowledge consultants spouting theory and the latest fad? Rest assured I'm not one of those. I've been in the trenches and in your shoes (during which I've made my fair share of mistakes and celebrated plenty of successes). My whole career has been about rolling up my sleeves and actually making businesses better, one of which could be yours.

So, when you hear me talk about the Value Acceleration Flywheel and the strategies I am asking you to plug into your business, you can trust that they're not just theories – they're battle-tested in real businesses, including my own ventures (of which I’ve two on a path to sale right now).

So, if you want build a business that you'll love for a lifetime (but could easily cash in tomorrow for a happy and lucrative exit), you can sleep soundly knowling I'll bring all that experience to the table to help you.  

Here's what you get...

What is the Elite 0.3% Programme and how does it work?

Frankly, the Elite 0.3% Programme is the last word, chapter, and verse on how to increase the value of your business and make it easily sellable.

It’s a one-year guided programme including:

  1. A highly structured curriculum. Delivered monthly by online videos and supported with weekly live Q&As with me. Each module comes with workbooks and resources to take you through the exercises outlined in the videos.
  2. Access to the lively 0.3% Club online forum. You can chew the fat with your fellow members and get my personal help by posting your questions, challenges, and ideas in the group.
  3. Detailed on-boarding call. We’ll go deep into your business, discuss your key goals, determine your value building score, estimate your current business value, and set your key objectives for the year.
  4. Monthly round tables. We’ll catch up monthly to review progress and use the power of the mastermind to discuss and resolve any challenges or roadblocks you might be facing.
  5. Quarterly in-person meetings. You’ll meet with your fellow members to hear actionable advice from myself and expert speakers – each quarter we will deep-dive into a key element of the Value Acceleration Flywheel. And there’ll be mastermind hotseats where we’ll hold you to account for achieving your value-building goals and work through your business challenges to keep you on track.
  6. Year-end value review. We’ll meet online one-to-one to review your value builder score, estimate the increase in net value, and create a plan for hitting next target valuation.
  7. WhatsApp support. Direct access to me for help in resolving urgent and important issues.
  8. Optional ongoing membership. After the year is up, you’ll have the opportunity to remain part of the group, with full access to everything above, with no minimum term (it’ll run month to month).

This isn’t the place to get into the details of exactly what I’ll teach you in the Elite 0.3% Programme. However, it’s worth spending a moment considering the three guiding design principles of the programme:

  1. Your business should be able to run without you day-to-day. We’ll be covering how you attract, recruit, and retain self-driving teams to make that happen. And we’ll dig into effective leadership so you can get the most from those people with the least effort.
  2. Your business should be delivering sustainable, reliable, profitable growth. You’ll discover how to create an inch-wide, mile deep cohort of evangelical ambassadors – clients who are a pleasure to deal with, pay premium prices, rave about what you do and refer you to others.
  3. Your business should be generating robust free cashflow. I’ll be showing you how to improve your cash generation, reduce business risks, and remove the silent killers of value.

Throughout the year, we’ll be looking at your how you think and how you make decisions. I’ll show you how to take control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions so you can put them to work in your life and business and create the results you want.

Why Now?

It takes between three and eight years to complete the sale of your business.  At least two of those years are involved in growing the value and preparing your business for sale.

So, if you want to exit in the next ten years, now’s the time to start!

And if you’re thinking "I can leave this for a few years", you may be making the biggest mistake of your entrepreneurial life.

Here's why...

If you're like most owners, your business is your most substantial asset, probably  representing more than 70% of your net worth.

Now, imagine if one of life's Dreaded Ds — disability, disease, death, or divorce — suddenly strikes you or a close family member, and you need to sell your business. What then?

If you can't easily unlock the value in your business, if you can't swiftly convert it into cash, have you genuinely secured wealth for yourself and your family? 

If selling it isn't a straightforward option, you’re in a similar situation to the landed gentry of old – asset-rich but cash-poor. History shows how that played out for the aristocrats and grand estates.

To create true wealth, to safeguard your family’s future, to have freedom, control, and choices, you should start enhancing the value and saleability of your business today.

How can you get started?

If you want to increase the value of your business and make it easily sellable, you have three options…

  1. You can continue to do what you’re doing now and hope it all works out ok. But the odds are massively stacked against you – remember fewer than 3 in every 1,000 owners have a happy and lucrative exit.
  2. You can research what makes a business sellable and valuable and then apply those insights to your business. But you risk wasting time and money, making mistakes, and potentially ending up where you started, with a business no more valuable than it is today.
  3. Or you could let me lend you a hand and show you the proven way to build a business you can happily own forever, but easily sell tomorrow.

Look, let’s face it, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t need help.

Every day you don't have my help, is another day wasted.

It’s another day when you can’t lift your head because your business is overly dependent on you.

It’s another day when you're not growing predictably and profitably.

It’s another day when you're not generating a reliable and steady stream of free-cashflow.

And it’s another day away from having a business you can happily own forever, but easily sell tomorrow for a happy and lucrative exit.

But I can't help you unless you take the first step by taking a step towards me.

I can take your hand and lead you through the minefield, but you've got to reach out and take my hand first by booking a free call with me.

What do you have to lose?

You quite literally have nothing to lose when you join us on the Elite Value Acceleration Programme because you’re protected by my unique, frankly outrageous, and definitely industry-leading “24-month money-back plus free pizza guarantee”.

100% Money Back + Free Pizza Guarantee

Here’s it how it works: if you complete the full year of the programme and implement my methods for a further 12 months and you haven't seen you business value increase by at least 50%, then I’ll give you your money back and have a fresh pizza delivered to your door (just my way of thanking you for at least trying the programme).

But… this is a conditional guarantee. Adding at least 50% to your business’s value won’t magically manifest like an episode of “The Secret”.  You must put in the work to get the results.

So, my guarantee is predicated on you doing the work. Not because I want to make it difficult to claim, but because the people who do the work get the best results (strangely enough).

The conditions aren’t onerous, but I’m going to be strict, so you get the full benefits from the programme.

To claim your guarantee, you must have:

  • Submitted your completed monthly Accountability Reports on time.
  • Completed all the videos and exercises I give you in the programme.
  • Raised any difficulties you’re having as a Red Light under the traffic light system we’re using in the Monthly Accountability Reports in a timely manner.
  • Implemented the Value Acceleration Flywheel in your business.

And that’s it.

I’m being upfront about this even though I know making my guarantee conditional will put some people off. Look, I could do what the vast majority in my line of work do and hide the conditions of my guarantee in the small print, but that’s not my style. So, like everything I do, it’s upfront, direct, and honest.

If the conditions put you off, then it’s better we stop right now. If you’re going to balk at keeping your word and doing the work, I don’t want you as a client.

Being accepted into the Elite 0.3% Programme is contingent on your promise to keep your half of the bargain. If you do that and it doesn't work for you, then I have no qualms about honouring my guarantee on the spot.

But if you expect me to honour it when you’ve spent two years playing around the edges and not acting, then you’re in Dreamland.

So, over to you.  

If you want my help growing a business you can happily own forever, or easily sell tomorrow for a happy and lucrative exit, book your chat now.

Next steps

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It's not a "discovery call", and it's most definitely not a consultation where you get to pick my brain, and I get to fix your problems for free to prove my competence and "give value".

If you're a fit for the Elite 0.3% Programme, I'll invite you to join; if you're not, I won't.

You should know, up-front, there will only ever be 12 people in your cohort, and places are given on a first-come, first-served basis. As most people stay with me for at least two years, you might be waiting a long time if you don’t act now.

By the way, if there are other people you need to consult before deciding whether to join us or not, then they must all be on the call, too.

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