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The Rainmaker's Dilemma

Discover how your greatest strength becomes a debilitating weakness

In a study of 23,158 companies, we found 40% of business owners have one thing in common. 

They are Rainmakers - the primary revenue driver for their company. They are exceptional at rapidly accelerating business growth.

But, like Kryptonite to Superman, their greatest strength can quickly become a debilitating weakness for their business.

Our data suggests that eventually businesses hit a ceiling. Sales stagnate, margins tighten and profits decline, forcing owners to confront the Rainmaker’s Dilemma.

So, how do you avoid the Rainmaker's Dilemma?

Download your copy now to discover:

  • The defining charactertistics of a Rainmaker
  • The one problem Rainmakers ALWAYS encounter
  • Quantitative evidence on how Rainmakers affect company value
  • Why Rainmakers are less likely to get an offer to buy their company
  • Why being an Architect is better for you and your business
  • Nine strategies you can use to transition from Rainmaker to Architect

James Leckey // MD & Owner

Working with Richard  ... has had an amazing impact on our focus and performance

Paul Vallely // MD & Owner

If you want to really create something, these conversations are essential

John Megaughin // MD & Owner

You can work with Richard and take the things he tells you and run with them the very next day - which is what I did

Colm Grimes // MD

There’s a marked difference on people’s focus on delivering, and the results we’re getting. We're getting better numbers too

Steven Cassin // MD & Owner

I've worked with Richard for almost two years and find the process highly valuable

Robert Pierce // MD & Owner

Even though we’ve gone through a lot of change in the last 12 months, profits have grown substantially

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