Introducing The
"No Regrets Exit"


Imagine discovering the secrets to building a business you can sell, on demand, for multi-millions, despite a dearth of buyers, dire market conditions, or crappy government policies...


... you don't have to imagine it, because the doors to the "No Regrets Exit" Bootcamp are opening soon.

First though ...

Why "No Regrets Exit"

Successful business sales are rare.

Yes, you hear about the big wins, the owners getting their big payouts. The deal makers and lawyers love to celebratte those.

What you don't hear about are the failures, the owners who listed their business for sale but didn't get what they wanted.

And there are 99 times MORE failures than successes, because...

... For every 100 businesses listed for sale, only 20 get sold. 

... Of those 20 sales, three quarters of the owners regret their decision to sell one year later, and only one owner is happy with their net proceeds.

Which means ...

... more than 99% of owners DON'T get what they want from selling their business.

If you want to avoid their fate, and have a happy and lucrative exit, then the "No Regrets Exit" Bootcamp is for you.

During the 10 week programme, you'll discover how to build your business so you can sell it, on demand, for enough money to do what you want, whenever you want, for the rest of your life.

Get pre-joining bonuses, updates on when we go live, and beat the queue (there are only 8 places and you'll get prioirity access 24 hours before enrollment officially opens)

Here's what you'll discover ...

    We know from analysing 80,000 companies that the average company scores 58 out of 100 on the 8 drivers of company value and is worth c3.55 times its pre-tax profit. Improve that score to 90+ and the owner gets an average 7.1 times pre-tax profit. Double the value! During the programme, you’ll discover how to leverage the value drivers to add millions to your company’s value.
    Three quarters of business owners regret selling their business one year after they exit. I'll share the seldom-discussed practical and emotional factors you need to manage to avoid that crushing disappointment, and we'll create your plan for a happy, fulfilled, and no-regrets exit. 
    Which would you rather do: Run around with "For Sale" signs hoping someone will take you up on it? Or have a sophisticated cash buyer approach you? The latter, obviously. We'll show you how to get buyers chasing you, so you're able to negotiate a better deal to fund the next stage of your life. 
    An earn-out is perhaps the most insidious approach buyers use to reduce the price they pay for companies (and keep you working in your business for years after you sell).  I'll reveal how to avoid an earnout so you get all your money on completion day (and show you how to overcome other devious tactics buyers use to reduce the final price).
    Have you calculated how much of your net worth is tied up in your business? Unless you bought or inherited it, it was probably worthless when you started. Now it’s probably the biggest asset you own and losing it could destroy your retirement plans. I'll show you how to de-risk your business and turn it into a liquid asset you can sell on-demand. 
    Imagine selling your home and the buyer finding a Caravaggio painting in the attic worth c£130m. That’s what happened to one unlucky home seller in Toulouse, France, in 2019. Like that home, your business has hidden treasures. We’ll uncover them and identify ways you can burnish them to get better offers. 
    Most doctors take your blood pressure before treating you for just about anything as it's a reliable indicator of silent killers from heart disease to poor circulation. Our proprietary, industry-unique value driver assessment is the business blood pressure equivalent. We'll use your score to diagnose the silent killers damaging your company's long-term value and create a practical plan to banish them (forever). 

"Working with Richard has genuinely been one of the best things we’ve ever done – it's had an amazing impact on our focus and performance"

JAMES LECKEY //  Owner & Managing Director

The Eleven Secrets To Building a Business You Can Sell, On Demand, For An Eye-Wateringly Large Amount

The Owner’s Metric

We’ll identify the gap between your business’s value today and your Freedom Point, including...

  • The Owner’s Metric – discover the one number (that trumps sales, profit and cashflow ) that every owner should track
  • Calculate your “Freedom Point” using the seven-step Freedom Point process
  • Discover how your company scores on the 8 value drivers and how it compares to companies in your sector 
  • Understand the key challenges dragging down your value builder score and discover your hidden treasures
  • Receive an estimate of your business’s value, and a 30 page value driver report with ideas for improving your scores

Scalability Finder

You’ll discover how to streamline and simplify your business offering to deliver profitable growth while minimising your company’s dependence on you, including:

  • The Owner’s Trap and its impact on company value and your personal freedom
  • A counter-intuitive approach you can use to escape the Owner’s Trap 
  • The Trifecta of Scaling and how you can use it to streamline your offering and scale quickly and efficiently
  • The mistakes others have made trying to scale their business
  • A case study on scaling from Built to Sell
  • Identify which products or services have the potential to scale up fastest while requiring minimal input from you

The Growth Predictors

Discover two proven tools used by acquirers to evaluate your company’s future value. The first predicts your company's growth rate and the second its ability to run without you. This module includes:

  • The surprising truth about how acquirers value the companies they buy 
  • The power of predictability
  • The most reliable (and widely benchmarked) predictor of future growth rate
  • The most frequently asked questions about using the growth predictor model
  • A confidential tool for discovering your growth predictor score 
  • Why you want and need engaged employees to scale your business
  • A confidential tool for assessing your company’s dependency on you and assessing your employee’s engagement

Your Growth Potential

You’ll identify the combination of customers and products and services that will maximise your growth rate with the least risk possible and increase your attractiveness to potential acquirers, including:

  • How your growth rate affects your company value and why your past performance is largely irrelevant
  • How to identify low-risk growth options that can scale quickly and easily 
  • Avoid the mistakes others make in the growth FAQs
  • The Winds & Tides Navigator – a framework to help you choose products that will grow most quickly with the least effort
  • The Growth Quad – create a risk road map for growing your existing products and services

Monopoly Control

You’ll uncover the secret to becoming a category of one, so you can charge premium prices, attract a better class of customer reliably and predictably, and build a deep, wide, defendable competitive moat (Warren Buffet's most important investment criteria)

  • How a deep wide defendable moat adds at least 50% to the value of your company
  • A deceptively simple but powerful framework you can use to create your moat
  • Uncover the one thing that most owners mistakenly believe is their moat, and learn how to turn low value services into a premium position
  • Discover how other companies created Monopoly Control in their markets
  • Use the Positioning Planner Tool to isolate the attributes and qualities that give you a defendable market position and the the highest degree of differentiation from your competitors

Automatic Customers

The secret to reducing your sales cost and effort, smoothing out demand so you can operate more efficiently and improve cash flow and profitability...

  • Why acquirers pay a premium for companies with automatic customers 
  • The six transaction types you can leverage with automatic customers 
  • The nine unique business models you can use to drive automatic customer growth
  • The mistakes to avoid and the tips and tricks you can leverage to increase your share of automatic customers
  • Identifying opportunities to create automatic customers in your business even if you only sell bespoke products
  • Analysing the health and vitality of your automatic customer offering
  • Productise - eight ways to turn your service business into a product business so you can benefit from automatic customers

Hub & Spoke

Discover the perils of being a Hub & Spoke manager and learn how to minimise your business’s reliance on your everyday involvement, so you can invest more time and energy on activities that fully leverage your unique skillset and positively impact your company's valuation, including...

  • Why Hub & Spoke managers are bad for a company’s valuation
  • The three types of activities and the most valuable thing you can do for your business
  • How to overcome the Rainmaker’s Dilemma and make the transition to being the Value Architect
  • Why you should master the art of delegation if you want a company that can thrive without you
  • The 4 degrees of delegation and how to ensure your employees understand the level of autonomy and authority they have when completing delegated activities
  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions about escaping Hub & Spoke management
  • The Rainmakers Dilemma - evaluate your current activities and create an action plan for transitioning to the Value Architect
  • The Delegator - hone your delegation skills by learning and applying a framework for effective delegation
  • The Four Degrees of Delegation - how to avoid the three killers of effective delegation and master the art to get the results you want

The Switzerland Structure

Uncover the three “value death-threats” you need to mitigate to protect your company's independence, increase it's value and improve its sellability including...

  • Why you need to run your business like Switzerland
  • The risks caused by the three dependencies and how to regain control and regain your independence
  • The most frequently asked questions about implementing the Switzerland Structure
  • Three tools to identify your key dependencies and create an action plan to remove the risk
  • The Definitive Guide to SOPs  – the what, why and how of building a more autonomous business

The Valuation See-Saw

Discover how to eliminate stressful periods of low cashflow, reduce your funding costs, and increase free cashflow to support growth and investment. This module includes:

  • Why an acquirer has to make two payments for your business - only one of them is to you!
  • Why cashflow really is King for an acquirer
  • Ideas for boosting your cashflow - both short term and long term
  • Answers to the most common questions on boosting cashflow
  • 15 Steps to Improve Your Cashflow – a practical set of actions you can use to immediately boost and sustain your cash at bank
  • The Cashflow Finder – create an action plan for implementing the 15 steps to improve your free cash generation

The Not-For-Sale Strategy

Discover the three types of buyers - only one of whom will pay a significant premium - and determine how to position your company so they come knocking at your door long before you list for sale…

  • Look through the Buyer’s Lens to see who the natural acquirers are for your business
  • Uncover the four obvious and two non-obvious reasons buyers buy businesses
  • Develop a shortlist of potential buyers (both inside & outside your industry) who will pay a premium for what you do
  • Discover the 5:20 rule that big companies use to massively increase their growth rates and how you can leverage that knowledge to gain the upper hand in negotiations
  • Gain insights from acquisition case studies revealed to help you understand buyer psychology
  • The most frequently asked questions about building a short list of potential buyers
  • Create your short list of ideal potential acquirers

The Exit Checklist

Everything above is about getting your company ready to sell for the best price possible. But many businesses fail to sell at the last hurdle, because the owner isn’t ready to sell, and roughly 75% of those who do sell, regret selling one year later. After this module, you’ll know how to avoid their mistakes:

  • Discover the critical questions you MUST answer if you want a happy exit
  • Learn how to use the five-step checklist to play for a happy exit from your business
  • Determine the right time to sell your business – and the downside of trying to time it to match market conditions
  • Identify the alternative approaches of exiting your business
  • Use the PREScore tool to assess your current readiness to exit and plan for your future readiness
  • How to use the Envelope Test to evaluate future acquisition offers

"You can work with Richard and take the things he tells you and run with them the very next day - which is what I did."

JOHN MEGAUGHIN  //  Owner & Managing Director

This is for you, if you ...

To be considered a suitable candidate for the programme, you must be:

  • The MD / CEO of your own business
  • Making more than £100k profit per annum
  • Driven,  determined and dedicated 
  • Considering exiting within the next five years 
  • Open minded, curious and willing to swim against the tide
  • Willing to do the work (c4 hours per week for 10 weeks)
  • Able to keep secrets and protect confidentiality (super important)

It's not for wannabes, dabblers, tyre-kickers, or also-rans. And it is most definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme.

How it works...

The programme is designed and delivered by Richard McMullan, Founder of Aurelius Advisory, and creator of the "Value Acceleration Framework" - our unique, proprietary system for massively increasing the value of any company.

In week one, you'll work with Richard 1-2-1 to review what your business is worth now, analyse how your business performs against the 8 drivers of company value, review your 30-page value driver report, and assess your personal Freedom Point.  

In weeks two to eight, you’ll discover the secrets of each of the 8 value drivers and we’ll discuss their implications for your business in Mastermind Sessions led by Richard. Each week will include:

  1. Tutorials on how each driver affects company value
  2. Tutorials on how to analyse your business and identify opportunities
  3. Frequently asked questions and mistakes to avoid
  4. Interactive tools to create improvement action plans for each driver
  5. Case studies and guides for extra insights and examples

In week 10, you'll work 1-2-1 with Richard to develop your exit strategy. You'll identify potential buyers, talk about your personal readiness to exit, use the value scenario planning tool to prioritise the best ways to increase your company's value, and create an action plan to improve your company’s value to hit your Freedom Point.

The program also includes twelve months unlimited access to the:

  • Value Builder System tutorials
  • Value Builder System interactive tools
  • Customer and employee engagement survey tools
  • Value Builder Score assessments
  • Valuation scenario planning tool
  • PREScore tool
  • Freedom Point calculator

Your Investment

Be under no illusion, this is a signficant investment of time and money. But the programme comes with Richard's personal, cast-iron, money-back plus free pizza guarantee (see below for more details).

The programme includes:

  • Unlimited value driver assessments, a thirty-page value driver insights report, and a benchmarked estimate of business value (worth £450)
  • A 1-2-1 value and sellability review (worth £800)
  • Eight weeks of Mastermind Sessions diving into the individual Value Drivers (worth £4,000)
  • A 1-2-1 to develop your exit strategy and action plan and estimate your company's future value using our scenario planning tool (worth £1,250)
  • Your personal readiness to exit analysis and 1-2-1 review (worth £375)
  • One year’s access to the Value Builder Learning System, including all Tutorials, Customer Surveys, Employee Surveys, Videos, Interactive Tools and Action Tracker (worth £1,200)

The total cost of the programme is £5,000 + VAT - a 38% saving of £3,075 versus the individual elements - and it comes with ...

Richard's personal, cast-iron, money-back PLUS free pizza guarantee…

If you do the work, attend and contribute to all the sessions, and I (Richard) can’t help you create a plan to get at least a fifty-times return on your investment in the programme, then I’ll give you a full and courteous refund of your money.

AND… I'll buy you a pizza and get it delivered to your door from your favourite local pizzeria, my way of cheering you up and apologising for having wasted your time.

There's no risk ... you'll walk away knowing how to increase the value of your business by AT LEAST £250k  OR you'll walk away with your money.

Can’t say fairer than that, can I?

“No Richard, you can’t” is the only sane answer to that question.

Well ... what are you waiting for?

Get pre-joining bonuses, updates on when we go live, and beat the queue (there are only 8 places and you'll get prioirity access 24 hours before enrollment officially opens)

"If you want to really create something special, these conversations are essential, and you’ll get the return on your investment."

PAUL VALLELY //  Owner & Managing Director

PS: Frankly, most people don't have what it takes to build their business to sell.  

They say they want to nail their shit and claim they'll do "anything" to get it nailed …

… right up until they have to do it.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.


...if you want to build a business you can sell, on demand, for an eye-wateringly large amount so you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, for the rest of your life, now's the time to act ...