Business Valuation Calculator

What is my business worth?

How much is my company worth? 

Putting a value on your company is like valuing your favourite Top Trump card or your car: it is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

To properly value your company, you need to look at it through the eyes of a prospective buyer.

When you sell your car, buyers check for rust and damage to the body work, and check the tread on the tyres. They open the bonnet to look at the engine. They start the car, and take it for a test drive, push every button, flick every lever. 

Buyers will check your business in a lot of detail before they part with their money.

The data we've collected from the acquision offers made to the 80,000+ users of the Value Builder System shows there are eight attributes that buyers check closely, and are willing to pay a premium for.

Getting your Free, No Obligation Business Valuation Score will tell you how well you're performing in each of the eight areas, benchmark your company against others from your sector, and get an estimate of your company value.

Based on our quantitative research of over 80,000 businesses, achieving a Value Builder Score of 80+ will make your company worth 71% more than the average business with the same profits.

Join 80,000 other savvy owners, and get your Business Valuation Score now to discover:

  • How well you're performing in each of the eight areas
  • How your company compares against others from your sector
  • How much your company is worth today 
  • How much your company could be worth if you improve your Value Builder Score.  

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How do I value my business?

Answer 30 simple questions, to get your Value Builder Score out of 100.

You can include financials for an estimate of value.

It only takes about 13 minutes to complete. 

It's free of charge, no-strings-attached & completely confidential. 

I'll email your Value Builder Scorecard, and send you some free goodies including an introductory video series and resources to help you improve your score.

Company Valuation Calculator - What You'll Learn

Diagnose if your business is over-reliant on you

You most likely started your business to have more control over what you earn, where you work, and when you work. However, that freedom can be elusive, when you feel like everyone and everything relies on you.

Your Value Builder Score will highlight the impact that's having on your business's value, and will identify which areas you should focus on to break free to create more independence and more time for yourself. 

Benchmark where you are today

The Value Builder Score gives you a comprehensive assessment of how valuable your business is. You'll get a snapshot (a bit like your balance sheet) of where your business sits today against other businesses from your sector. 

You'll understand how you're performing on each of the 8 drivers of company value, and be able to focus on those areas which will make the company less reliant on you, less stressful to run, and more profitable.

Discover your hidden treasures  

Getting your Value Builder Score will help identify untapped assets within your business that are extremely valuable to a prospective acquirer.

Once uncovered, you can develop these assets to increase your profits, cashflow and business value. 

Identify your silent killers

Taking your blood pressure is one of the first things most doctors do before treating you for just about anything. It’s a reliable indicator of silent killers from heart disease to poor circulation.

Likewise, your Value Builder Score gives you an early warning of your silent killers, so you can take action to to remove the factors dragging down the value of your business. 

Understand how attractive your business is to a buyer

We're naturally biased when it comes to our business. It's our baby after all. But that can lead to over-optimistic projections and blind-spots about future challenges, giving us an unrealistic estimate of value.

Getting your Value Builder Score report gives you an unbiased, independent view of how a buyer will perceive your business. So you know what needs to be done to make it more attractive.

Take focused action

For most of us, our business is our biggest investment, and accounts for a significant percentage of our personal net worth.  

Getting your Value Builder Score will show you where you need to focus so you can protect your investment and increase it's value.