How to build and lead a fast-growing, profitable business, that can run (mostly) without you, and be sold, on command, for a happy and lucrative exit

Most owners face one (or more) of the following three challenges:

  1. Lack of Control - they're working long hours, juggling umpteen tasks, and feel like they're never able to catch-up or get on top of things
  2. Lack of Money - sales are flatlining, margins are shrinking, and cash is tight
  3. Lack of Progress - no matter what they try nothing seems to stick or work the way they want, and they're frustrated with their team - hardly anyone seems to get it or do what's needed

No matter how much sweat and brute force they apply, they stay stuck. All the while wondering what the hell it's going to take to break free and get the control, growth, and freedom they want, so they can live the life they promised themselves when they started their business.

If that sounds like you, you're probably also feeling confused and overwhelmed, getting hammered on all sides with 'advisors' providing well-intentioned, but often misplaced advice.

I'm here to help you - to cut through all that racket and provide you with the strategy, methodologies, and tools to develop your leadership skills, deepen your knowledge, and scale your business.  

I'll show you how to:

  • drive profitable growth, increase your free cash flow and improve the value and sellability of your business
  • build a leadership team that can efficiently handle the details, and implement your plans, procedures and processes to take your company to the next level
  • hard-bake accountability into your business so that things get done, when you want them done, and in the way you expect them to be done
  • manage and eliminate (forever) your business-related frustrations
  • and (if you're looking to exit soon) make your business irresistible to your ideal buyer

Regardless of how tight the labour market is, how high inflation and interest rates go, and how loud the nay-sayers shout, I'll help you build the business you dream of, so you can live the life you promised yourself when you started your business.

Where to start

Start with the report "The Owner's Metric". It's a short report you can read in under ten minutes and explains the one number you need to focus on to get the life you promised yourself in the fastest time possible.

The Owner's Metric is different from the typical manager's metrics of sales growth, profit growth, margins, inventory turns, operating cash cycle, return on advertising, etc.  - it's the ultimate benchmark of business performance.

I recommend you read the report and read it well - it's the start of your journey to building a fast-growing, profitable business that can run (mostly) without you and be sold, on command, for a happy and lucrative exit.