Is Your Business Giving You The Life You Want?

Mentoring to help you grow your business's value, with less work, less hassle and fewer headaches

If you're like most owners, you started your business for the freedom it could give you

The freedom to pursue a dream, or to solve a problem and make the world a better place. The freedom to decide how you spend your time. The freedom to choose whom to work with and to avoid people who drain your energy. And the freedom to make as much money as you deserve.

Yet that freedom remains elusive

You've worked hard, created a solid business with steady income and profits that at least keep you above water. Yet you feel like you're stuck on a hamster wheel - no matter how fast you go and hard you run, you just can't seem to break free.  Every day feels like a struggle just to keep on top of things. 

What happened to that dream?

You're wondering what happened to that dream of owning a business - a dream where you didn't have to worry about money, where you could take an afternoon off carefree to watch your child's sports day or attend their concert. What happened to that dream?

Maybe a bigger business will make the dream come true?

Unfortunately, most owners who strive for more revenue as their primary goal often find it makes the situation worse. You end up with an ever-expanding set of products and services to manage, more customers (and customer problems) to deal with and the business becomes more complex leading to conflict.  Which means...

... you spend more time working in the business

You just can’t get all the things done that need done - you're working 50+ hour weeks, not because you want to but because you must. Your time never feels like your own – you spend all day dealing with problems and need to work late to catch up with your work.  You struggle to switch off - when not at work you're thinking of work rather than spending quality time with your family or friends.

... managing the team becomes ever more difficult

Everything and everyone ends up at your door. You can't get the team to do what needs doing in the way it needs doing.  It often feels much easier to do it yourself than manage people to do it. Yet you know you need more people if you want to grow, but the thought of hiring more people makes you feel queasy.

... cash, specifically not enough of it, becomes a major concern

Most months, you're worrying about cash - how you'll make payroll or pay the bank. Maybe you're struggling because you're not profitable enough? Maybe you're struggling because you aren’t growing fast enough to keep up with the extra people costs, increasing purchases, and the higher levels of debtors?  Or perhaps you're struggling because your business is growing too fast?

If chasing sales growth isn't necessarily the answer, what do you do?

Man about to get legs caught in large metal trap

Chasing growth can seem like the answer to gaining freedom, but it often makes the situation worse, causing you more problems, eating ever more of your time and squeezing cashflow

How do you structure your business to get the life you want?

Instead of thinking of your business as something to push harder and faster, there’s an alternative that will get you closer to what you want. Think of your business as a child, and your role is to guide them into becoming a strong, mature, independent, thriving adult.  

The solution, like bringing up a child, is to reduce your business's reliance on you

If your goal is to create a business that can thrive without you, you will start to make different decisions. That demanding customer who wants your attention on their project no longer looks so attractive. That exciting new product that’s going to require you to sell no longer looks worth it.

Focus on the role of parent rather than business driver...

The demands on your time will lessen as your employees pick up more of the load. You will find your business selling more as you build a team of salespeople rather than relying only on yourself to drive the top line. The ultimate irony is your business will be more valuable than a larger peer where the owner is still mostly responsible for sales or operations.

But how do you do that?  How do you reduce your business's reliance on you?

Introducing the Aurelius Advisory Approach

Like most owners, you sometimes feel confused and overwhelmed, getting hammered on all sides with 'advisors' providing well-intentioned, but often misplaced advice.

I'm here to help you - to mute all that noise and provide you with the strategy, systems, methodologies and tools (not tactics) to build your knowledge, develop your leadership skills and scale your business.   

I'll show you how to drive profitable growth, increase your free cash-flow and improve the value and sellability of your business. 

I'll show you how to build a leadership team that can efficiently handle the details, and implement your plans, procedures and processes to take your company to the next level.

I'll show you how to hard-bake accountability into your business so that things get done, when you want them done, and in the way you expect them to be done.

I'll show you how to manage and eliminate (forever) your business related frustrations. 

By implementing the Value Flyhwheel  – my proven approach  – you'll attain ...

The Ultimate Freedom 

a profitable, frustration-free business that can thrive without you

Infographic of the five elements of the Aurelius Value Flywheel

The Value Flywheel is a proven system for driving profitable growth, eliminating business frustrations and increasing business value

Ninety plus owners and counting...

I've used this approach to help more than 90 owners build a company that can thrive without them. Unlike many coaches and consultants, I've walked in your shoes... I've scaled a business from £1m to £20m (including surviving the 2008 recession when our sales went into freefall) and I co-own three manufacturing businesses where I apply my consulting approach.  

My guarantee

When I say proven approach, I mean it. Each of my programmes is guaranteed to deliver. If you do the work and haven't seen a 500% return on your investment by the end of the programme, I'll work with you, for FREE, until you get that return. 

To be able to guarantee you'll get a 5x return on your spend, you have to be able to easily implement what I teach. So I take what I call a Tiny Increments approach. Instead of creating information that is difficult to absorb and implement, every topic is de-constructed into small, easy-to-understand steps.

These Tiny Increments allow you to not just learn, but to retain and easily implement the strategies, tactics, and tools covered in my consulting and mentoring programmes.  And I'm there every step of the way to help you understand and apply them in your business. 

Check out how what Robert and James found from working with me...

Profits Have Grown Substantially

I didn’t feel we were achieving our full potential, What’s very pleasing is even though we’ve gone through a lot of change in the last 12 months, profits have grown substantially. More importantly for me, the entire team are excited at our prospects and I have absolute belief we will start to take advantage of our opportunities and continue grow quickly and profitably.

Robert Pierce

MAnaging director & owner

An Amazing Impact 

If you want help in making your business vision a reality and take your business to the next level, then I highly recommend you engage Richard to guide you through that journey. Working with Richard to make these changes in our business has genuinely been one of the best things we've ever done.  It has had an amazing impact on our focus and performance.

James Leckey

managing director & owner

Your Roadmap to Ultimate Freedom

Steven Covey recommends you start with the end in mind. My three step "end-in-mind" process will help you determine where you need to get to, and give you clarity on what you need to do get there. 

Calculate Your Freedom Point

Gaining financial freedom is more than just having a certain amount of money in the bank. There's a formula that tells you exactly what your financial freedom number is given your personal circumstances. Use my confidential calculator to discover your exact Freedom Point number.  

Once you're done, you'll receive your Freedom Score Report – a comprehensive analysis of your financial readiness and what to do when you hit your freedom point. 

Cover Image of Freedom Point Brochure

When's enough enough? Discover your Financial Freedom Point

Get Your Business Valuation Score

If your business is your vehicle for achieving financial freedom, then you need to make sure your business can deliver the value you need.

Yet most owners aren't paying attention to the eight areas that are statistically proven to increase or decrease the value of their business.  Take 13 minutes to complete the Value Builder questionnaire and discover how your business scores in each of the eight areas, and a benchmark against other companies in your sector.

Image of the 8 value drivers summary report

Discover how your business is performing in each of the 8 areas proven to drive company value

Create Your Business Value Growth Plan

Schedule a complimentary conversation with Richard to discover how to put all this information together and create a plan for growing the value of your business. During the call, Richard will give you an estimate of your business's value today, and show you which areas drive the greatest increase in value for your business. 

After the call, you'll receive a free, 30-page, Value Builder Score Report with an estimate of today's value and the expected value if you improve your scores in the 8 areas.

Cover image of hte 30 page valuation report

Get your 30 page complimentary value growth plan, with an estimate of today's business value and future value scenarios

A Lot of Clarity!

Over the course of a few sessions we defined the company vision, ten-year goal and the strategy for how we are going to get there. The key thing was that while we started with looking at the long-term vision for the company this was eventually broken right down to a 1 year and first quarter plan which brought the vision to life. Vital!

Paul Vallely

Managing director & owner

A Marked Difference In Results

Working with Richard continues to expand my thinking to see greater opportunities ... even now in the midst of this crisis. Working the issues through with Richard and really getting to grips with them gives me the confidence then to take them forward. This has led to growth, and reduced levels of agonising over key decisions.

John Lunn

managing director & owner

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E-books to Download

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Valuation Tools

There are four free asssement tools. 

Free Training

Watch recordings of webinars and workshops I've hosted. They'll help you reduce your company's reliance on you and achieve faster growth and higher profits without sacrificing your health, family-life, or lifestyle. Each one is chock-full of practical tips and advice.

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"How To" Articles and Blogs

You'll also discover lots of "HOW TO..." guides where I share the insights I gain from my advisory work, lessons I learn from my own businesses, extract the best bits of books and podcasts that I'm consuming, and summarise the lessons from businesses I've run.  

The guides are split into three sections: 

The "How to grow and scale your business" resources cover each area of the Value Flywheel: Improving Employee Engagement, Building Customer Loyalty, Developing Your Growth Strategy, Getting Stuff Done, and Generating Free Cashflow.

The "How to develop yourself" resources cover: Improving Your Leadership Skills, Improving Your Decision Making, Looking After Yourself, and Breakthrough Behaviours. 

The "How to value your business and get it ready for sale" does exactly what it says on the tin. All the articles are written to help you get a premium for your business and avoid an earnout.

There’s no catch. It's free! 

Sharing it here allows me to pay forward all the help and support I’ve received over the years. I have a range of other products and servcies you can buy 😀

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