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Helping owners build a business that can thrive without them

Do you own your business, or does it own you?

Before we start working together, my client's time never feels like their own. They feel permanently knackered because they're being dragged into firefighting, solving problems, and dealing with customers.

Frustratingly, keeping on top of the day-to-day means a lot of important stuff falls through the cracks. Worse, they know they're missing out on big opportunities because they can't find the time or headspace to focus on them.

They're also sacrificing their personal time (family events, holidays etc.) because they worry their business will suffer if they’re not there. When they do get away, they feel guilty and find it hard to switch off.

Despite giving it their all, their sales eventually flatline, and profits decline.

The real issue?

All of those are symptoms, they're not the cause. 

For most, the cause of all those problems is that their business is overly-reliant on them, the owner. 

And that's why many of my clients were falling out of love with their business.  

If you're feeling that way, read on to learn how I will help you reduce your company's reliance on you and fall in love with your business again...

How I help

I'll take you through a structured process to reduce your company's dependence on you.

I have proven systems, methodologies and tools to build your knowledge, scale your business.  I'll show you how to manage and eliminate (forever) your business related frustrations. And I'll guide you on how to most effectively implement the changes we agree.  I've already used those tools, my coaching skills and business consulting skills to help nearly 80 owners build a company that can thrive without them.

Unlike many business coaches, I've walked in your shoes... I've scaled a business from £1m to £20m (including surviving the 2008 recession when our sales went into freefall) and I co-own three manufacturing businesses where I apply my proven approach.   

Where you end up

You'll reduce the number of hours you work in the business. You'll feel more in control, be less stressed and irritable, and have more time for the things you love doing.

Your sales will grow and you'll achieve higher profits (many of my clients have more than doubled their profits inside two years).

Your business will become demonstrably more valuable, and you'll have the choice of scaling it, selling it for a premium, or simply owning it passively.

Ultimately, you'll gain the Ultimate Freedom: A business that can thrive without you.

My guarantee

When I say proven approach, I mean it. Each of my coaching programmes is guaranteed to deliver. If you do the work and haven't seen a 500% return on your investment by the end of the programme, I'll work with you, for FREE, until you get that return. 

So how can I offer a guarantee like that? 

What's different? 

To be able to guarantee you'll get a 5x return on your spend, I take a different approach, which I call the Tiny Increments approach. 

Instead of creating information that is difficult to absorb and implement, every topic is de-constructed into small, easy-to-understand steps.

These Tiny Increments allow you to not just learn, but to retain and easily implement the strategies, tactics, and tools covered in my coaching programmes.  And I'm there every step of the way to help you understand and apply them in your business. 

Is this right for you?

I work with growth-minded owners who (typically, but not exclusively) own manufacturing, engineering or industrial service companies selling over £500k per annum. 

Depending on your ambitions and life stage, I have two structured coaching programmes for you to choose from.  Both will have you falling in love with your business again, and both will give you more freedom. 

One focuses on growing your business and the other focuses on preparing you and your business for sale.

To learn more, choose the most appropriate option below and then click the big purple button below it to find out more.

What's next for you and your business?

Breakthrough Business Coaching 

Clarify and simplify your vision, design and implement your growth strategy, get the right people in the right seats, create systems, improve accountability, control cashflow, remove bottlenecks and free up your time

Get Your Business Ready to Sell

Get help increasing the value of your business, improve its growth potential and scalabilty, remove downside risks, and set it up to run without you, so it's more attractive to buyers and you can sell for a premium and avoid an earnout

What can you expect from working with me?

Profits Have Grown Substantially

I didn’t feel we were achieving our full potential, What’s very pleasing is even though we’ve gone through a lot of change in the last 12 months, profits have grown substantially. More importantly for me, the entire team are excited at our prospects and I have absolute belief we will start to take advantage of our opportunities and continue grow quickly and profitably.

Robert Pierce

MAnaging director & owner

An Amazing Impact 

If you want help in making your business vision a reality and take your business to the next level, then I highly recommend you engage Richard to guide you through that journey. Working with Richard to make these changes in our business has genuinely been one of the best things we've ever done.  It has had an amazing impact on our focus and performance.

James Leckey

managing director & owner

A Lot of Clarity!

Over the course of a few sessions we defined the company vision, ten-year goal and the strategy for how we are going to get there. The key thing was that while we started with looking at the long-term vision for the company this was eventually broken right down to a 1 year and first quarter plan which brought the vision to life. Vital!

Paul Vallely

Managing director & owner

A Marked Difference In Results

Working with Richard continues to expand my thinking to see greater opportunities ... even now in the midst of this crisis. Working the issues through with Richard and really getting to grips with them gives me the confidence then to take them forward. This has led to growth, and reduced levels of agonising over key decisions.

John Lunn

managing director & owner

Go on, grab yourself a coffee and a bite to eat...

There's a load of free resources on the site, so you might as well get comfortable! 

E-books to Download

There's four free eBooks for you to download:

Valuation Tools

There are three free asssement tools. 

Free Training

Watch recordings of webinars and workshops I've hosted. They'll help you reduce your company's reliance on you and achieve faster growth and higher profits without sacrificing your health, family-life, or lifestyle. Each one is chock-full of practical tips and advice.

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"How To" Articles and Blogs

You'll also discover lots of "HOW TO..." guides where I share the insights I gain from my advisory work, lessons I learn from my own businesses, extract the best bits of books and podcasts that I'm consuming, and summarise the lessons from businesses I've run.  

The guides are split into three sections: 

The "How to grow and scale your business" resources cover each area of the Value Flywheel: Improving Employee Engagement, Building Customer Loyalty, Developing Your Growth Strategy, Getting Stuff Done, and Generating Free Cashflow.

The "How to develop yourself" resources cover: Improving Your Leadership Skills, Improving Your Decision Making, Looking After Yourself, and Breakthrough Behaviours. 

The "How to value your business and get it ready for sale" does exactly what it says on the tin. All the articles are written to help you get a premium for your business and avoid an earnout.

There’s no catch. It's free! 

Sharing it here allows me to pay forward all the help and support I’ve received over the years. I have a range of other products and servcies you can buy 😀

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